My leather beginnings

I am under no illusions why you are here. You like MUSCLE. you like MUSCLEMEN. you like being around a ALPHA MUSCLEGOD like me and I don’t blame you. Muscles fascinate me too & that’s why I’ve developed and chiselled my body to look like it does. But there is more to me than just sinew and tendons. I also have my thoughts about certain things. Some would say..certain fetishes. You want to know more about me? Then read on…

A while ago a mate of mine offered me a lift while my car was being fixed in the local garage. I took him up on his offer fast because I HATE public transport. Alpha males don’t do well cramped into carriages with ordinary people. I thought he’d be collecting me in his own motor but when I heard the roar of something unfamiliar to me outside my flat window and looked out into the car park, I got a bit of a shock but also..a bit of a thrill too! There he was, on the road sitting astride a Honda Fireblade! Not only that but he was in full leathers too. I sat down thinking…what the hell..he wants me to get on THAT?

Before I had time to think anymore, he was ringing my doorbell! I was just about to ask him a thousand questions but before I could, he walked in and said “Josh, no messing around mate! I’ve gotta use the bike today and you’re riding pillion. I’ve got all the gear for you so get it on quick ‘cos we’re getting late! “ I knew I didn’t have any choice so I took the holdall he handed me and started getting out another set of biker leathers. What first hit me was the SMELL! Bloody amazing! Then the FEEL! Also…incredible. I started trying to get into them and my mate was laughing his head off! “Josh mate, you really need to get down to your underwear before you get these leathers on and before you ask, this is the largest size they had for a big boy like you!”. So..what did I do? I stripped down to my Calvins and pulled on the leathers. Man…it was the most awesome feeling! So smooth, so bloody horny too! I never realised just how EROTIC this stuff was. That journey on his bike was exhilarating, exciting and powerful! I knew that this first experience wearing leather wouldn’t be my last. I’m actually thinking about getting my own bike and buying myself some really good biking leathers too. I could get hooked on the whole scene and why not eh! Imagine seeing this MUSCLEGOD roaring past you on the motorway, huge body covered in tight biker’s gear, 100s of CCs throbbing between his legs!. That’d get your attention – wouldn’t it?

You know all about this website. I will cater for any fantasy, any desire..anything you want really! Imagine my thoughts when I received a request to do a custom video in some leather! As I’m still a novice I asked my mate to help me out and we found some very sexy outfits indeed! You can find these videos in my archives here on my website by the way! As soon as I slipped on that gear, I got that same thrill again! My huge muscles rubbing against that awesome soft leather, making it feel like nothing else has ever made it feel. I think those videos are some of my best and believe me, I am more than willing to do more so please keep those requests coming in! The more leather I can wear the better. I’m a fast learner and I can see why certain people love this kind of experience…because I do too. I want to learn more about it, get into it more and find more ways of satisfying you. You have my contact details. Get in touch because I’d love to hear how you’d like to explore your leather fantasy with me. I know I can make you very happy indeed! Until my next blog, be safe and remember…KEEP IT PUMPED!

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