When men like me walk into the gym it’s like coming HOME. The atmosphere, the smell, the look, the burning desire to be there – HOME!

I’ve been training now for 12 years. I’ve mentioned this before. I was 14 years old when I first insisted that I worked out in my school gym with alot of older lads who ended up being inspired by ME. In those 12 hard, long, sweaty years I’ve sculptured my body into the Godlike physique you all know so well. Thick dinner plate pecs, huge boulder shoulders, shredded abs, thick hard quads, rock solid calves and not forgetting glutes that could crack walnuts…LOLOL! I joke but do you think this has been easy? Do you think that Joshua Armstrong – this MUSCLEGOD – built this body with ease?

NO HE DID NOT! Hours and hours of hard work have been used to amass this amount of muscle, this amount of masculinity..this amount of ALPHA MALE! From the beginnings of my training to this very day, I sweat, grunt and toil my way through punishing workouts to achieve complete and utter physical perfection. I push myself and my body to the EXTREME.

I push and pull every sinew, every tendon, every ounce of myself for more and more gains! I PUMP. I SQUEEZE. I need more and more because that’s a bodybuilder’s psyche! We are never happy. As soon as we reach one goal, we move those goal posts and create another for ourselves.

I have to become BIGGER and BETTER! I have to be more VASCULAR everywhere! My chest needs more STRIATIONS even though they are almost popping out over of every shirt I try to wear! I see lesser individuals trying to emulate me with their silly little exercises and their silly little dumbbells. They want to be like me but they don’t realise how much it takes, what sacrifices have to be made and what I’ve given up to become the best the UK and maybe the World has ever seen! Their admiring looks and the respect they give me in the gym tell me that I’m what they ALL want to be. They give up their weights for me, move off machines for me, they run their eyes all over me – these people know they are in the presence of a great man and I love it. To be honest, I DESERVE it!

I’ve learned alot over the years and I’ll always try to help people out, advise them and point them in the right direction. I really enjoy doing that and I’m actually coaching some people now too! But please know this and it’s a well used phrase but it rings true every time I hear it…”NO PAIN, NO GAIN!” I don’t mind helping anyone but please listen to my advice otherwise..what’s the point? It’s not easy but believe me, it’s worth it! Just looking at me surely tells you that! It’s a lifelong commitment for this MUSCLEMAN and I LOVE every second of it!

You may ask..why do you put yourself through all this on a daily basis? Two reasons. To continue to be the best I can possibly be AND to be the best for all my fans too. The best for YOU. My fans are so important to me and I will continue to give you all the greatest service I possibly can! I don’t do anything by half-measures. What’s the point in that eh? NONE AT ALL!

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