Occasionally and VERY occasionally, I find I have some time to get away from it all. It’s a busy life I lead; being JOSHUA ARMSTRONG is a full-time occupation! Not only do I have my day job in IT which I love, I also have to train in the gym, maintain my website, create custom videos, run social media and keep every single one of my thousands of fans happy! I have to keep BIG, FIT and MUSCULAR which means alot of time spent in the gym pushing my huge muscles to their limit…and beyond! Im an ALPHA MALE by nature so being superior comes naturally to me but I always want more..more muscles, more power and more respect too!

So..when I do manage to get away its a special treat for me! Thing is, it’s always a special treat for everyone else around me. Imagine the looks on the air steward’s or stewardess’s faces when I walk into their plane! They can’t believe my size, my width and my muscles! I often have trouble just walking down the narrow aisle to get to my seat and usually have to book two seats on the plane because one just isn’t big enough for me! On my last trip away it was hilarious because the flight staff were fighting over who could look after me the best..everyone seems to love Josh!

My last trip was to one of the Balearic Islands. As soon as I arrived i was treated like royalty! I was ushered through customs quickly and there was a car there to take me to my hotel! One of my awesome fans had gotten wind of where I was going and had organised it. Seems like I’m treated like a God worldwide but I’m not complaining! My hotel was awesome and I had been given an upgrade to the best suite there. Good thing too as I just about fitted in the huge kingsize bed provided! I must admit, I love all this special treatment I get for being who I am but hey..I’ve worked hard for this for years now so in a way I reckon I deserve it.

As well as soaking up the sun and getting more admiring looks from everyone on the beach than I care to mention – I will mention it though cos there were LOADS of them – I decided one night to go clubbing. I hardly ever do this but I fancied a bop! Thing is that wherever I go I get more attention than most and this was no exception. There was no standing in any queue when I got to the club – not for this ALPHA MUSCLEMAN! The Doorman called me forward, ushered me inside where one of the Staff took me to the VIP area! As I stood there drinking one of many free drinks, non-alcoholic of course, the Manager came over, shook my hand firmly and asked if I’d be interested in helping with a promotion they were running that night. When he told me it was a “Marvel Character” night…I was there..LOL! I love all that stuff! We went into his office and he asked me to cover myself in green body paint because he wanted me to be…THE INCREDIBLE HULK! Let’s face it, I was born to play this part but this Hulk has BRAINS as well as BRAWN! Let’s just say it was an awesome night of handshakes, photographs and loads of flexing too! Did I enjoy myself? TOO RIGHT I DID! Josh was the centre of attention in that place and quite rightly so too!

That’s just a small example of how the outside world sees your favourite MUSCLE GOD! For more of my antics at home and abroad keep reading my BLOGS! Until next time…KEEP IT PUMPED!”

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