Third membership option added.. 3 day pass 🙂 hope i can meet a few more needs with this, very happy ive been able to add this to the roster, I feel like the more options available, the wider my fan base can be… $9.95 for EVERY bit of HD video from lifetime collection has gotta widen it a bit ?!


Joshua and his little geeky specs.. well they dont last long

I warn chris not to make me angry.. now look what happens?

FULLY destroy out of my shirt..little nerd is able to break the shirt into smitherines with ease…anger is the key

I was bullied in school by chris.. oh how the tables how turned, I feel the rush, the strength THE POWER. and I use it to my advantage.

Exact my revenge, FORCE the once bully to worship my new form


FILMED plenty more tonight..going to have to hold (ill try to anyway!!)

Thank you all , really 🙂

Josh xxx