Even curious straight men can’t resist my muscle

When you're competing like I do you see it a lot. There are so many curious straight men in the business, guys who love to see a big and powerful muscle God like me posing and flexing for them. That's what a lot of it is about, even between performers you can feel the lust. Men claim it's all about the appreciation of the work and the physique, but there's no denying they all want [...]

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Muscle dom ready to fuck you

I love my toys. I have a big collection already but I recently added to it with a new Fleshlight. I've been using it lately and fucking that tight little anal hole with my muscle dom cock, pumping my loads into it. I thought you guys would love to see me enjoying it while you think about what it would be like if it were your ass. If you've wondered what it would be like [...]

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You can have my wet jockstrap

It's been a real hard session at the gym. You know that makes a massive muscle man like me so insanely horny most of the time I can hardly stop myself from wanking out my load in the showers. When I know I have a hungry muscle worshiper waiting for me I skip the shower and head straight home, ready to get what I need. My huge body is still glistening with sweat, my hairy [...]

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Worship my military cock

The military is a place for real men, with powerful bodies, hard cocks and cum-filled balls. There's no room for pussies on my watch. I'm the General, the one in control, the one responsible for leading my men the right way. Because of my leadership skills no one can come close to the level of loyalty I have from my soldiers, and you probably know why. Training my men the traditional way is only part [...]

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