Take my hot muscle cum shot

Working out gets me so damn horny, every time I finish a session all I can think about is pumping out my muscle cum and satisfying my rock hard dick. It's a good thing I have you here to worship me the right way, to appreciate my power and strength, to breathe in my sweat as you bury your face in my damp armpits and inhale deeply. I know you want it, I know the [...]

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My leather beginnings

I am under no illusions why you are here. You like MUSCLE. you like MUSCLEMEN. you like being around a ALPHA MUSCLEGOD like me and I don’t blame you. Muscles fascinate me too & that's why I’ve developed and chiselled my body to look like it does. But there is more to me than just sinew and tendons. I also have my thoughts about certain things. Some would say..certain fetishes. You want to know more [...]

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Your muscle worship cum load reward!

The competition is over and now it's time to celebrate. As my coach and biggest supporter you know just how to celebrate in style, and you know that my latest win means a reward for you. All the long hours you've put in to getting me to where I am today deserves such a big reward too, just like the last time I walked away with a title thanks to your hard work I'm more [...]

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Nerdy geek craves a jock cock

As far back as I can remember, people have always gravitated towards me. Even as a kid, I had a cheeky glint in my eye and people were always drawn to that! I loved the attention and that’s one of the reasons why I decided to take up bodybuilding when I was 14 years old. I wanted to be bigger… better… the very best I could be.. .and I wanted more and more attention! The [...]

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