Bulging lycra muscle man

I love the feel of tight lycra on my naked body, the constricting snugness of it hugging my bulging muscles as I flex and stretch. I know everyone else loves it too, I can feel all those eyes on my body when I'm working out at the gym wearing one of my bulging lycra muscle man tops. Sometimes I even wear tight lycra cycling shorts too, the bulge of my cock and balls on show [...]

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Wanking out my huge muscle cum load

Every morning I wake up with a raging stiffy, leaking precum and throbbing with the need to shoot my load. I've been saving my massive muscle cum load for you today, ready to give you a special treat.
 Join me on my new big bed as I slowly strip out of my clothes, revealing my bulging muscles. I haven't had a shower yet, you can smell the sweat and the sweet aroma of my precum [...]

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Bulging biceps and a throbbing muscle cock!

Guys love every inch of me, but I know some guys have their favorite part of my body that they just love to focus on. My biceps are massive, I know they do it for a lot of horny guys and so many men just want to spend an hour feeling them, licking and kissing them. I'd let you do that too, if you ask nicely.
 Watch as I slowly reveal my massive body for [...]

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Does my Alpha male muscle intimidate you?

When I go to the gym I know all eyes are on me, and all those skinny little guys are either admiring me and wanting to be me, or wanting to suck my cock and take my dick inside them - most of the time it's both.
 My massive body is so powerful it means I can get whatever I want whenever I want it, and everyone knows it too. Even the straight guys at [...]

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