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You are looking UP at the most alpha decadent hunk to hit this planet.. There are many people who require things in life, but I do not give a f*ck as underneath all this superficial clothing.. I’ve got my ADONIS PHYSIQUE.

Theres nothing better than being decadent, It just shows I get what I want..

Look at this expensive, nice brand new clothing – tag’s STILL ON…

Silvan really really wanted to see my decadent self once again and he could only think of one way to satisfy this even further than currently so…

Seeing me fully dressed in brand new clothing, ripping it to shreds by nothing but HULKING out my own skin.

Flexing my ADONIS muscles FORCES the clothes to rip off my skin, thread by thread it all starts to fall off…

Be left speechless.. With your ankles down your pants in AWE in how I get what I want..

Full Video 14:03 (Mins:Sec)