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ONE of MANY! REAL! life experiences dominating inferior males…

Being the most masculine presence in the room at all times means I get what I want…

By being the most confident, by being the most ‘I don’t give a f**k’ I demand RESPECT!

Often in daily situations this can be useful, I instructed this car salesman to speak to me as SIR, or MASTER!

This is something I can share with you, it let us have a bond between us that was unsaid, that let me had the submlimminal overriding say to the situation..

If I looked like an average joe, average john, average jane do you think I would be able to get what I want like this? NO

My dominance is EXERTED by flaring my lats, pulsating my biceps all ultimately adding to the ALPHA proudness of my character.

People in the High street stop and stare even when I am not trying…

When my AIM is to get what I want out of a situation… You would not be believe the eyes that are fixed on me, and how they CANNOT be unswayed..

See How I Got What I NEEDED!

And see how I end up with you in a sticky mess…

Full Video 11:00 (Mins:Sec)