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Soldier seduced by my muscle man nipples

January 21st, 2017 5:29 pm|Comments Off on Soldier seduced by my muscle man nipples

We’ve been captured, ready for interrogation, but we have one more play to make before that happens. I saw our guard looking at me with those horny eyes, I could tell he was amazed by my muscle and size, I knew when we were being led to our holding cell he was imagining me out of uniform and displaying everything for him. That’s all thanks to my muscle man nipples poking under my shirt.

They don’t have men like me in this country, and he desperately wants to see more. I know he’s been stationed out here for months, the only thing he’s had to get […]

Muscle Frot With The Farm Hand

January 19th, 2017 7:37 pm|Comments Off on Muscle Frot With The Farm Hand

The sun beats down on my massive muscular shoulders as I sweat in the heat, my body glistening as you watch me from a distance. I know you can see me, I know it turns you on to observe such a powerful man working for you out in the fields.
The truth is, the feeling is mutual.

I know you get off on watching me, and I get off on thinking about you wanking that hard cock late in the evening as you picture me naked, every muscle exposed for you to enjoy.

Finally, the opportunity is here and I make my lust for you known. All I […]

Removal Man – Bodybuilder Jack Off

January 17th, 2017 4:41 pm|Comments Off on Removal Man – Bodybuilder Jack Off

I never miss an opportunity to show off or perform. Years ago, before I was a performer giving my fans the best bodybuilder jack off videos they ever saw, I used to work in the removals business. You wouldn’t believe the experiences I had with some of my horniest clients.

One customer got more than a full muscle show from me after he said I did such a good job he wanted to tip me in a different way. I knew what he was talking about, he’d been watching my massive body in action while I moved all his stuff to his new place, and seeing […]